Senate Education Committee to hear on SB 320 Chemical Abortion Bill Wednesday morning.

Senate Education Committee to hear on SB 320 Chemical Abortion Bill Wednesday morning.
Tomorrow we are asking as many as can to please call into the members of the Senate Education Committee who will be hearing the bill SB 320 on Wednesday morning.   We are hoping if they hear from thousands of people they will change their minds on this bill and vote against it.
The bill is a continuation of what was presented last year.  It will have its first hearing this coming Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. in the Sacramento Capital Building, Education Committee Room 4203.  A coalition of pro-life groups including Eagle Forum members will be gathering at 8:30 at the rotunda.  After the hearing we will then lobby against the bill. 

We invite all Sacramento eagles and fellow pro-life friends to join us.  I and Karen Klinger will be there to witness the hearing and voice our opposition against the bill.  If you can’t join us in  person on Wednesday, please call tomorrow, or you can do both.

Below are the some talking points to use in your call, followed by the names and phone numbers of the senators on the committee to call.

The chemical abortion bill, SB 320 would mandate that all college health centers in California offer chemical abortion pills to their students as a “basic health service.”  Why is this so bad?  It would make it that much easier for a student to have an abortion.

1. Chemical Abortion deliberately ends a human life up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and hurts many women for a lifetime. According to the National Geographic Endowment for Human Development (, the fetal heart begins beating at 5 weeks. By 9 weeks, his or her arms, legs, and hands move. By 10 weeks her fingers and toes are fully formed. Chemical Abortion

involves two drugs. The first drug Mifepristone kills the fetus by blocking progesterone. The second drug Misoprostol causes the woman’s uterus to contract and expel the now dead human being.
2. Chemical Abortion is especially painful and traumatic for women. During the Chemical Abortion, women are much more aware of the pain and visual reality of the abortion process, which may require days to complete. The Chemical Abortion Pill label warns of heavy bleeding, defined as soaking through two full-size sanitary pads per hour and/or passing blood clots larger than the size of a lemon. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever which can be a sign of serious infection, an ectopic pregnancy or incomplete expulsion of the dead fetus. Below gives a link to a personal testimony of a woman’s Chemical Abortion.  She ended up bleeding for 12 hours.  When she finally thought it might be over and had a bath, the bath water was full of blood. Imagine this painful experience happening in the dorm bathroom late at night with no one to call for help!
3. This Bill is not necessary because there is no lack of access to Chemical Abortion.  It is not necessary to have it on the campus. On average, there is a Chemical Abortion business within 6 miles of every UC and CSU campus.  For example, according to Kim LaPean, spokesperson for the UC Berkeley University Health Services, “There are four facilities within four miles of the UC Berkeley campus that provide abortion pills.”
Senators to Call:  
  • Senator Benjamin Allen (Chair) (D) Hollywood, Beverly Hills
  • Senator Scott Wilk (Vice Chair) (R) Antelope, Santa Clarita
  • Senator Cathleen Galgiani (D) Stockton
  • Senator Andy Vidak (R) Fresno, Bakersfield
  • Senator Tony Mendoza (D) Whittier, Downey, Buena Park
  • Senator Connie M. Leyva (D) Author of SB 320, Pomona, Ontario, San Bernardino
  • Senator Richard Pan (D) Sacramento
    If you would like to read more about this, read the following by California Family Council, one of the great groups that has been spearheading this effort.  SB 320 – California Family Council
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