Eagle Forum Monthly Meeting Highlights

Eagle Forum Monthly Meeting Highlights

Here are a few highlights from our monthly meeting on October 01, 2107.

Left to right (Bob Cielnicky opens with prayer, Chapter President David Lehman, Dennis Morrison speaks on his latest book, “The Ultimate Christian Prepper”, Gloria Pruyne, Chapter Vice President makes announcements, Craig Huey from “The Huey Report” and Brad Dacus from “The Pacific Justice Institute.”

Guest Speaker was Craig Huey from “The Huey Report.” Craig Huey is a nationally recognized political commentator and marketing consultant. He has appeared on national news outlets such as Fox News. Craig is also a frequent radio talk-show guest-speaker on KFI, KKLA, KBRT, KRLA, KWVE & KABC. His monthly newsletter “The Huey Report” is recognized as one of the informative sources for vetting candidates and reporting on the latest hot political issues.

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