Can You Host or Help at Gas Tax Event?

We need to organize a few events across the state for the week of Nov 27 and Dec 4 when our Gas Tax Repeal petition will finally be in circulation for signatures. Can you help us partner with an existing event or organize an event in your area one day those two weeks? Before you panic, it is pretty simple to pull an event together. We will pair you up with other college students paid by the campaign and volunteers in your area wanting to help with the event.

Here’s what we need your help with:

Partner: Many events are being sponsored by an existing organization with a meeting audience and location – like an RWF Club, taxpayer association, etc. If you know of a group that would be willing to open their existing meeting to individuals wanting to sign the gas tax repeal, that may be ideal! Alternatively, if you know of a group that will help us promote the local event to their members and lists, that would be ideal!

Location: If we decide to organize a stand-alone event, we are seeking a location in each area that is accessible (like a restaurant, gas station, office building, etc.) that allows people to park or drive by to sign the petition.

Volunteers: If you don’t want to help organize the event but still want to volunteer at the event itself, that’s fine too. Volunteers would help collect signatures and wave signs at the event itself. If you are interested in that role, sign up here

These events are key to our kickoff because they allow for local media coverage of the Gas Tax Repeal kickoff and it gives us a spot where we can direct individuals to sign the gas tax repeal petition and/or check out booklets to collect signatures from their friends and family. Of course, if you are too busy, the easiest way to help the campaign is to contribute whatever you can and we’ll do the work for you!

Carl DeMaio
Chairman – Reform California

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