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 Current Action Alerts
HR3157 – (click on bill number for a copy of the bill). This bill is sponsored by Rep. Rokita (Rep. Rokita is running for US Senate in 2018).   Rep. Rokita was also the sponsor of HR5 which was the House ESSA bill.  Here are 2 articles that will give you an idea of why this bill is not in our children’s best interest.  ARTICLE   ARTICLE 2  and one that gives a humorous but very possible look at the future.  ARTICLE

HR4174 – (click on bill number for a copy of the bill). This bill is sponsored by Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Patty Murray.  That alone should be enough to make you want to stop this bill.  It will open the flood gates to our personal data and merging it with data already collected by many federal agencies making it easier for 3rd party contractors to get full and complete access to the information.  We are being told that our government MUST have this data in order to reduce poverty, provide good education and make good sound government policy decisions.  This is a LIE.  If they told you the truth (just like they said about Obamacare) the American people would resist.  So they do as they always do they lie. HR4174 came about as a product from the recommendations of a Commission that was created by legislation HR1831.  Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking (CEP).  Here is an article that will provide some information about this Commission and links for the final documents.


The members of this commission have personal and financial reasons for wanting access to this information.  There were very few people testifying against the recommendations of this committee.   I do know that Emmitt McGroarty (American Principles Project) did testify against the recommendations and the work of this Commission.  I also know that EVERY recommendation made by this Commission was approved.

​You should be very concerned over this overreach into our personal lives by our federal government.  Think about the possible implications.  Your child is refused a job because the child’s dossier, accessible by future employers, documents that your child was found to have aggressive behavior as a child.  Of course this behavior will be determined subjectively by untrained teachers.  Or you are denied purchases at the food store because you are over weight or have diabetes.

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SB 219 forces care homes to fully embrace trans-sexuality, or suffer fines and a year in jail Passed

STATUS: SB 219 has been sent to the Governor. On September 13, the California State Senate gave final approval to SB 219 (voting 26 yes, 12 no, 1 abstention). All Democrats voted yes, Republicans voted no except Anthony Cannella of Stanislaus County abstained. The bill had passed the California State Assembly (the lower house, dominated by Democrats) on September 12. The Assembly vote was 55 yes, 19 no, 5 abstain (voting yes were 52 Democrats and 3 “Republicans” — Catharine Baker of Contra Costa and Alameda counties, Brain Maienschein of north San Diego County, and Chad Mayes of the Yucca Valley / Palm Springs region. See’s June 1 news release

AB 569 forces religious schools to be Pro-Abortion in their previously moral policies

STATUS: Vetoed. No one spoke against it on the Assembly floor, which voted 45 yes, 13 no, 22 abstentions (this was relatively close, since 41 votes were required for passage). Earlier, on September 12, the 40-member California State Senate passed AB 569 (27 yes, 13 no — all Democrats voted yes and all Republicans voted no).

See’s June 1 news release

SB 179 makes the DMV ask 15- and 16-year-olds if they want to be “nonbinary”

STATUS: Passed SB 179 passed the 80-member State Assembly on September 13 (57 yes, 21 no, 1 abstention). Voting yes with the ruling Democrats were “Republicans” Catherine Baker of Contra Costa and Alameda counties, Rocky Chavez and Brian Maienschein of north San Diego County, and Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley/Palm Springs. Notably, Democrat Jim Cooper of south Sacramento County, who is sensitive to public-safety issues, may be wary of how SB 179 increases identity fraud).

ACTION: Urge Jerry Brown to veto SB 179, which ushers in gender identity fraud

Call Your Senators: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion in the Budget

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Call or email your Senators and ask that they protect the life of the unborn in the new healthcare bill. Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121

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SB 320 – Still Active
Title:  Abortion by Medication on College Campuses
Author:  Leyva
Current Status:  Senate Education Committee
Position: OPPOSE
SB 320 would require student health care plans offered by California State University (CSU) or California Community Colleges (CCC) campuses to cover abortions. Requires on-campus health centers operated on CSU and CCC campuses to offer abortion medication and counseling to its students, as specified. Requires the University of California, as a condition for the use of state funds, as specified, to include coverage for abortions and to provide medication abortion (RU-486 pill) and abortion counseling. For more information go to: